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Acsel and Altéir Consulting invite you to participate in our next major meeting of the Payment & Fintech Club 

that will take place during the mornings of the 2nd & the 3rd of July from 9 am to 11 am with digital sessions – Webinar 

on the subject Digital Banking in 2020: situation and outlook.


In the program:

  • several round tables and interviews,
  • exchanges with the speakers (Q&A Chat)
  • networking amont the participants (on the app ConnexMe available for our members during the 2 days).

And as usual, we will gather the experts and leaders of the key actors of the sector. 

Don’t miss those two first meetings of the Payment & Fintech Club 2020.

They will be animated by Laurent Nizri, CEO d’Altéir, Founder & CEO of the Paris Fintech Forum & Chairperson of  Acsel.

1st Part, the 2nd of July, 9am-11am
1 – The Ups & Downs of Digital Banking in France [9:00-10:00]
  • Paul de Leusse, CEO, Orange Bank,
  • Marie Degrand-Guillaud, Deputy Director, Nickel,
  • Benoît Grisoni, CEO, Boursorama,
  • Alice Holzman, Executive Director, Ma French Bank
2 – Regulatory Measures in the banking sector to address COVID-19 [in English, 10:00-10:40]
  • José Manuel Campa, Chairperson, European Banking Authority
3 – The experts’ corner [10:40-11:00]
  • Didier Farjon, CEO, D-Rating,
  • Julien Maldonato, Associate Financial Industry, Deloitte France 
2nd Part, the 3rd of July, 9 am-11am
1 – Cross eyes on the digitalization of the finance industry [in English, 9:00-9:45]
  • Thierry Bedoin, CIO & CDO Banque de France,
  • Daniel Kjellén, CEO Tink,
  • Virginie Fauvel, BOM Chief Transformation Officer & Head of Americas, Euler Hermès
2 – 20 ans of digital transformation of the banking industry [9:45-10:00]
  • Ronan Le Moal, ex CEO, Arkéa
3 – Digital Banking: and what about Fintechs ? [10:00-10:45]
  • Alexandre Prot, CEO, Qonto,
  • Diana Brondel, CEO, Xaalys,
  • Joan Burkovic, CEO, Bridge,
  • Nicolas Reboud, CEO, Shine
4 – How can fintech recover from Wirecard downfall ? [in English 10h45-11:00]
  • Shachar Bialick, CEO, Curve


Our Speakers :

Laurent Nizri

CEO & Founder Payment & Fintech Club, Chairperson of Acsel

José Manuel Campa

Chairperson European Banking Authority

Alice Holzman

Executive Director Ma French Bank

Paul de Leusse

CEO Orange Bank

Marie Degrand-Guillaud

Deputy Director Nickel

Benoît Grisoni

CEO Boursorama

Virginie Fauvel

 BOM Chief Transformation Officer
& Head of Americas,
Euler Hermès

Thierry Bedoin

CIO & CDO Banque de France

Ronan Le Moal

ex CEO Arkéa

Daniel Kjellén

CEO Tink

Alexandre Prot

CEO Qonto

Diana Brondel

CEO Xaalys

Nicolas Reboud

CEO Shine

Joan Burkovic

CEO Bridge

Julien Maldonato

AssociaDeloitte France

Didier Farjon

CEO D-Rating

Shachar Bialick

CEO Curve



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A big thank-you to our six spoonsors for the 2020 cycle : American Express, Arkéa, Natixis Payment Solutions, Netcetera, Orange, Tink.



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